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LEAP Financial Services

We are one of the leading finance advisors and business loan consultants in Kochi.

We would like to introduce ourselves as a Financial Assistant for you to deal with any of your present & future financial needs.

With us, you can find easy funds for your personal or business purposes.

We continue our endeavor to offer a best-in-class service experience to you and are pleased to communicate our various benefits on requirements.

We help you in arranging all type of loans like Business Loan, Mortgage Loan, Home Loan Personal Loan etc from Banks and Financial Institutions for Individuals, Self employed and Business Establishments.

Our Products

Project Loan

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Project loans are available from bank, for a New Business Venture or major expansion of the existing unit. This loan is available against collateral security. The project loan is available for Purchase of Land, Construction of building, Purchase of Plant and Machinery, and also for Working Capital.Banks have different criterion for approval of project loans, which will vary from bank to bank..

Term Loan

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Normally Term Loan is sanctioned for purchase of New Machines, Land and Building, Construction of building This loan is available both for existing companies as well as new Ventures. Collateral security of more than the loan amount is required. The loan is repayable with interest over a period of 5-15 years, through Equated Monthly Installments. Basically the bank apprise the quantum of loan based upon value of value of collateral, viability, profitability, repayment capacity, Goodwill of the borrower.etc.

Working Capital (OD/CC)

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Working capital is provided for the running of the unit, for purchase of raw-materials, advance payment for raw-materials, giving credit to clients, etc. Initially this is given for a period of one year, and thereafter it is renewable with increase or decrease in Working Capital Limit. The criterion for assessing the Working Capital requirement shall depend upon the achieved sales, projected sales, orders in hand, value of Collateral Security offered.

Unsecured Business Loans

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Business Loans are given to meet urgent requirement of funds by the Business Organization s. No Collateral Security is required. This loan is repayable with interest over a period of 2-4 Years by Equated Monthly Installments. The unit must be in the same business at least for the last 3 years. Unsecured business loan can be availed by Service Sector Industry or Manufacturing unit, new as well as existing Units.

Loan Against Property

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A loan against property is a loan against your house or even a plot. If all the land titles are in place, you have an income and you are eligible then this is the cheaper loan option for you. Though the interest rates on this loan are higher than that of a home loan, it’s cheaper than that a personal loan. This loan can be availed by individual or business unit. The loan is repayable with interest over a period of 5-10 years by Equated Monthly Installments.

Home Loan

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Home loan is a product financed by banks to buy or repair a house for a consumer. It is the funds the home buyer has to borrow (usually from a bank or other financial institution) to purchase the property, generally secured by a registered mortgage to the bank over the property being purchased. Different types of interest rates are available for these loans such as fixed rates, floating rates, and reducing interest rates. Home loans are provided based on the market value, mainly estimation given by banks or the registration value of the property. Availing various types of house loans to suit one’s individual needs at the lowest rates & easy financing can now fulfill the need for a house of your own.

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Financing Services

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Other Services

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Where We Are?

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